These days’ people prefer to get blinds for the windows rather than curtains. They are easy to manage and look better. You don’t have to face a problem maintaining blinds. Also, they provide insulation both in summer and winter. The other best part about these blinds is that you can install them on your own. But all of the above benefits you will able to enjoy, once you get the right quality blinds. Sunshine Blind is the best company to buy blinds for your home or office. You can order blinds from us, all around Australia and you don’t have to pay shipping charges, as to provide free shipping.

The blind options we have for you are many. You can get:

  • Combi blinds
  • Printed blinds
  • Laser-cut blinds
  • Roller blinds

Combi blinds

These blinds are also known as shadow blinds or rainbow blinds. It is a blind type that is quite famous among many. Mostly, they are used in the office. It allows you to control the sunlight. The fabric we used to make these blinds is quite good. You get an option to get this blind in filtering or in a blackout. In short, you can customize it on your own. You can match it with the colour of the wall or can get the desired pattern you like.

While you will see them for the first time, you may think it is the same as roller blinds. But the look of combi blinds is quite unique. It is something that gives the home or office a look, that is quite aesthetic.

Printed blinds

It is blind in which you have to tell us what kind of printing you need on the blind. Now you may think, when it comes to print something, you get limited options. But in reality, you can ask us to print anything on the blind. If you are picking a blind for the children room, you can get a print of their favourite cartoon character. If you are getting printed blind for your office, then you can go with something that represents the business. Also, for home, you can completely match it with your walls, or you can get any scenery printed on it. At the end the choice is yours, our job is to fulfil your demand.

  • The demand of these blinds is increasing because it allows the people to make even a small room look spacious. They contact us and ask us to print a blind that can create a kind of illusion.
  • There are some who only like blackouts blinds. But still with they don’t have to compromise on design, as they get options from us.
  • You can even place these designs in your bathrooms or in a kitchen.

Laser-cut blinds

The laser-cut blinds are a unique type of blinds. It very attractive effect can be obtained by the laser cut on quality fabric. For this blind, we like to tell our customers that it is better if you pick a dark colour. In this way, the laser cutter will become prominent. You can select a pattern of your own choice.

Roller blinds

Above all the types the roller blinds are the most common one. These are the blinds that are made by using simple fabric piece. It is your choice whether you want the blind to fit within window case or a bit outside. Also, it is easy to operate these blinds. It is quite suitable if you have children or pets in the home. Now, here you also get customization option.

We provide warranty

For us, it is important that our customers don’t take any stress. The main question they have is about quality. We assure our customers that the quality is perfect and to prove it, we provide 5 years warranty too. If you use them properly and keep them maintain, there is no way they get damaged within this time. They might stay in the same shape even for a long time.

We value your money

We have an idea of how hard it is to earn these days. It is the reason; we make sure that our clients don’t have to face any financial loss due to us. The charges we demand the service are reasonable. We offer service at market price. You can even compare the amount we demand from others.

Also, to make sure that the price we are demanding is reasonable, we keep an eye on competitors. In this way, not only we able to maintain the prices, but we also able to adapt things that are helpful for us in getting better.

Timely delivery of the order

Once you provide us with information about the blinds you want us to made for you, we listen to you carefully. Once getting all the information, we tell you about the delivery time, or you can tell us if you need the blinds in a specific time. We try to deliver your order on time.

How to get the right size blinds?

To get a perfect size blinds, it is important to take measurement properly. To make it easy for our customers, we have mentioned on our website, the measurement process. By following that the chances of any mistake eliminate.

Also, on our website, you can get an idea about an installation process. It is not very technical, and if you do something around the house time to time on your own, you can install the blinds too.

How to order blinds?

You can order the blinds easily from our website. Just fill the form properly and make sure all the details provide us are right. If you live close to our office and need to meet us in person, you are welcome. Lastly, you can also book your order for blinds by calling us.

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