Are you looking for the best Window Blinds for your home?

The popularity of window blinds is increasing at a tremendous pace. People fall for these because it gives a lot of different options to them. When you talk about curtains, you have to stay limited. Also, they are quite heavy; it is hard for an individual to handle or maintain. With blinds, you don’t face any issue like this. In the start blinds were only used in the offices but later as the options start to increase, people install them in the house too. So, if you need any style of blinds, you can contact Sunshine Blind. We manufacture different types of blinds on customer demand.

We use the latest technology and maintain machines to make blinds. We make sure to work precisely and in a manner customer want. We will never deliver an order to you until we check the quality on our own. Also, we try our best to deliver the order without delay. At time customer book our service, we tell the client delivery date. You will, for sure, receive the blinds on that day. Also, within Australia, we provide free shipping. So, there is no need for you to set aside some cash.

Custom design your Window blinds here:

At the time you will contact us for the service, we will show you some samples just to give you a better idea, what we are capable of? If you like some design in the sample, you can get that. But after seeing the sample, if you need to change something in that or want to design something from scratch. Any design you will like to get, just tell us. We will not say no to you and give you expectation results.

The options we have for you in window blinds are:

Shop from us at a reasonable price:

The main issue people afraid to contact online companies are the price. Many have in their mind that online companies charge extra or some get this experience, so they avoid trusting someone again.

At the time you contact us for the service, you don’t have to worry about all this. The charges for each blind are mentioned on our website. It may increase or decrease according because of the size you get. But one thing we assure is that you will not have to pay extra. We don’t hide things from the customers. We clear all the things to them before booking the service. So, you can trust us 100%; we will not disappoint you.

We guarantee quality:

Not everyone can change the blinds whenever they want—even those who don’t have to worry about the quality, like to buy quality stuff. Now at the time, people order something online, they stay in dilemma whether they will receive a quality product or not.

Similar is the case when people contact us. The one question they ask again and again is that, whether the blinds we will make for them is of quality or not. No matter how much we explain to them, talking cannot do much. The performance is the key. But still, we don’t want our customers, to stay in stress until they receive the order. It is the reason we

Get free price estimation:

If you want to get the price estimation before booking the service, we have this option for you. There is some information that you have provided us. Firstly, make sure you are giving us the right measurement, both width and length. After that, you have to tell us about the colour of your need for the blind and lastly whether you need the control chord at the right side or left side. Once you enter this information, press on the price calculator. You will get an estimated price within seconds.

Now, if you are buying blinds for the first time and don’t know the proper way to take measurements, stay calm, as, on our website, you will find details with the pictures that tell you how to take measurements. So, there is no need for you to ask someone for help.

Brackets are provided by us:

To install the blinds, the brackets are needed. We don’t want that once we deliver the order, our clients have to go out, to buy brackets. So, at the time, we deliver blinds to you, we deliver brackets too.

Also, the installation guide is present on our website. By following that you can easily do the installation on your own. It is easy for you to understand the guide because only the theory is not given, but everything is explained through pictures too.

Contact us today:

So, if you are fed up from the blinds you have or need to switch from curtains to blinds, contact us today. You can call us or email us or even book our service with the help of the website. If you have any sort of question in mind, you can ask from us. Our staff will answer all your questions. You will not feel at any point that our staff is dodging your questions because we are not like companies who need to hide something.